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Phone:   +256 759 090 355

Facebook: @drjuma Farid

Twitter: @drjumafarid

Dr Juma Farid is on call 24 hours a day

No matter what cultural background or belief, colour or race, this type of healing has aided many before you. And you may need it in order to succeed.

Take this piece of advice and change your medication to a proper fresh remedies invented by holistic herbal healer Dr. Juma Farid. If you have ever tried other traditional doctors/healers before, then try this experienced and sought-after holistic healer’s Genuine herbs. Dr Juma Farid  renowned Herbal Healer, Traditional Healer, and Spiritual Healer. Many have benefited from his aid and counsel, you could too.
Dear good clients
Please make sure you quote the practice registration no. for any transaction you make. Whenever contact for help, please try email with your cell phone no. as your reference which you going to receive with an sms text after receiving your payment, or at the completion of your healing process. Due to high demand for services provided by Dr Juma Farid . The doctor can help you regardless of where you are in the world through the following methods: mail orders, 24 hour help canceling line and personal contact.

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