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Luck cleansing
This involves a variety of fields which encompass a human being as a person and the environment he lives and works as well. We all want to gain respect from loved ones. This spell is designed to open minds of people around you that they should recognize your contributions.

Human cleansing
It involves cleansing of a person who due to the world we live in is exposed to so many evil castings and negative energy. We live with people some of whom we regard as relatives and friends but they end up not wishing us well and instead they may unintentionally focus negative energy towards us. When people are cleansed, they feel lighter and more confident and successful. They have more energy, are more optimistic, and find more clarity and direction in their lives.

Many men have sexual problems. They become more common as men age. Problems can include

Stress, illness, medicines, or emotional problems may also be factors. Occasional problems with sexual function are common. If problems last more than a few months or cause distress for you or your partner, you should see your health care provider.